Atlantic Grill Bird

Atlantic Grill Bird

I was sad I missed lunch at Atlantic Grill again, but my buddies sent me a photo so I’d feel better.

Redworks Lunch Wave

Separate Lunches

I know it’s sad but sometimes when we all go out for lunch, we don’t actually eat lunch together. But we still keep in touch via text message, hahaaaa

Redworks Pinkeye

Greg has PINK EYE!!

Ok, not really, but he was off today because his kid had pink eye so that kind of counts. Whatever the case, he deserved a photo… and he got one. Rob scares me BTW.

The Finger

Vacation Day Finger

Once again I am being congratulated for having the day off in that special Redworks way, hahahaaa. The hats are awesome, but Jay is scaring me a little.

Reading Bird


Giving Greg the finger while catching up on some reading. I’m sure the kids he was chaperoning at Lego Land loved this.


Even the newbies

Jeeze, even the newly hired peeps are getting in on the “waving” action. Thanks Emily and Katy.


Another day off, another wave

I’m expecting a lot of these “waves” since I take most of my days off at the end of the year. Although again, this is a company Summer Friday dammit!


Summer Friday

Apparently it doesn’t matter if you have the day off because of a company Summer Friday, you still get the Redworks Wave, hahaaa


Redworks Wave

Apparently we have started a new tradition of expressing our happiness when a coworker has the day off.


Waving Hi

We were letting Greg know that we missed him on his day off.
It’s how we show we care :)