Winter Bike Ride

Winter ride

4 days ago we were snowed in, today was 62 degrees and beautiful! Got the bike out for a much needed quick ride on some back roads. Love that Georgia weather.

BMW K1200s

Motorcycles and Leaves

Today Buffy and I met Jeff and Stephanie to take a bike ride up north to check out the leaves.

Bikes at rest.

Amazing Day!

Wow! What a freakin beautiful day today!

This is why Georgia weather rocks. 68 degrees and sunny as hell.¬†Perfect day for a bike ride. No destination and no time line, just riding.¬†Doesn’t matter when I get wherever I go, or if I get there at all, hahahaaa.

New BMW K1200S

New BMW K1200S

Yeah, it’s sad that I only waited a week after selling the CBR to buy this bike….. but’s it’s so badass! Hahahaa