Cynthia Birthday

Cynthia’s Birthday at Atlantic Grill

Happy Birthday!!!!

Rob Birthday

Rob’s Birthday

Today was Rob’s birthday so it seemed like a good reason to go to the Grill! We don’t really need a reason, but whatever.

Christmas Atlantic Grill

Christmas at Atlantic Grill

The last Friday before Christmas holidays and we got a ton of people to join us at Atlantic Grill!! Good times!

Atlantic Grill Bird

Atlantic Grill Bird

I was sad I missed lunch at Atlantic Grill again, but my buddies sent me a photo so I’d feel better.

Redworks Birthday

Birthday at Atlantic Grill

We had a surprise birthday lunch at Atlantic Grill for me and David, our copywriter. Buffy surprised me and was there to greet me when I walked in. It was really fun and Paul the owner was on his A game!

The Crew

Atlantic Grill

Getting the OG crew back together for lunch at Atlantic Grill.