Fat Bike

Fat tire bike

I just had to test ride this bike with these bike ass tires. It’s soo cool looking but really only good for short and easy rides.

Hilton Head Lagoon

Hilton Head Lagoon

Buffy and I got to Hilton Head for our Birthday, anniversary and ThanksGiving vacation today. After unpacking and getting settled we decided to go for a short evening bike ride. We stayed at Palmetto Dunes resort which has a really cool lagoon that weaves in and out of it.

Hilton Head Beach

Hilton Head Beach

My first time to Hilton Head and the funky beach here. I’m used to sandy beaches and this one looks like a giant sand parking lot. It’s not bad, just really different.

Redworks Birthday

Birthday at Atlantic Grill

We had a surprise birthday lunch at Atlantic Grill for me and David, our copywriter. Buffy surprised me and was there to greet me when I walked in. It was really fun and Paul the owner was on his A game!

Redworks Pinkeye

Greg has PINK EYE!!

Ok, not really, but he was off today because his kid had pink eye so that kind of counts. Whatever the case, he deserved a photo… and he got one. Rob scares me BTW.


Tivo Surgery

My Tivo died last week. Once I was done crying I decided to try and fix it.

The Finger

Vacation Day Finger

Once again I am being congratulated for having the day off in that special Redworks way, hahahaaa. The hats are awesome, but Jay is scaring me a little.

BMW K1200s

Motorcycles and Leaves

Today Buffy and I met Jeff and Stephanie to take a bike ride up north to check out the leaves.


Skating – 6 years later

Ugh. Tonight Buffy and I went skating for a friends birthday. I never felt so old, for more than one reason.

Silver Comet

The Silver Comet – Bike ride

Today was my annual bike ride with Buffy on The Silver Comet trail, except I didn’t go last year so maybe it’s bi-annual.

Reading Bird


Giving Greg the finger while catching up on some reading. I’m sure the kids he was chaperoning at Lego Land loved this.


Clemson vs Florida State

Went with a buddy to the Clemson vs Florida State game. Unfortunately it was a less than desirable outcome but it was still a lot of fun.

Santa Rosa Beach

Santa Rosa Beach

Vacation at the beach! Vacation at the beach! Vacation at the beach! :)

Scott Hybrid


Picked up my new bike today. It’s actually not as bright green as I thought it would be, the photo makes it look greener. But I still like it a lot.

Cumming Fair - Tigers


We had an unexpected treat at the Cumming Fair tonight, tigers!! There just happened to be a Tiger exhibit going on while we were there and it was actually really cool. Amazing animals…. and huge!

Cumming Fair

Cumming Fair

Checked out the Cumming Fair for a little bit with some friends. It was as visually awesome as usual. Cowboy boots and cut off jeans were out in full force!

Scott Hybrid

Scott Hybrid

In an effort to ride more, I ordered a new, more comfortable bike. I’m not trying to win any races so I’m hoping the more upright riding style will encourage me to get out and ride a little more.

Atlantic Grill

Hey Greg

Greg was having a wisdom tooth pulled today so we thought we would show him how much we missed him while have lunch and drinks at Atlantic Grill, his favorite place.


Get Ripped

The doctor finally gave me the ok to start working out again. Obviously I can’t just start right back where I was, I have to work into it slowly.


Even the newbies

Jeeze, even the newly hired peeps are getting in on the “waving” action. Thanks Emily and Katy.

Redworks Benihana

Redworks – Benihana Dinner

Redworks dinner at Benihana for all the crazy work we’ve done lately. We even made Greg the fake birthday boy.

Thor 2

Thor – The Dark World

Thor 2 – The Dark World movie wallpaper retouching. Replaced Chris Hemsworth’s face with mine.


Another day off, another wave

I’m expecting a lot of these “waves” since I take most of my days off at the end of the year. Although again, this is a company Summer Friday dammit!

The Crew

Atlantic Grill

Getting the OG crew back together for lunch at Atlantic Grill.


Summer Friday

Apparently it doesn’t matter if you have the day off because of a company Summer Friday, you still get the Redworks Wave, hahaaa


Redworks Wave

Apparently we have started a new tradition of expressing our happiness when a coworker has the day off.



R.I.P.D. movie poster retouching. I added my face over Jeff Bridges and removed his name and added mine.


Waving Hi

We were letting Greg know that we missed him on his day off.
It’s how we show we care :)

Superman 2013

Superman 2013

The new Superman movie wallpaper retouched. I added my face obviously, lol

Island Cabin

Island Cabin – Scene Creation

For this image I took all the images along the bottom and created the scene on top. This came out much better than I could have hoped.