Rocky is getting bigger and starting to invade Beanie’s favorite spots, like the stairs in the sun. As you can see, Beanie is not amused.


Snow!!! (click here)

For the second time in 2 weeks Atlanta got belted with snow. I love it, got to work from home a couple of days and the neighborhood looked awesome. I even built a snowman!



Kevin’s face is hilarious, more this time than normal.



Just us being silly.


Stranger at work

I’m getting creeped out by this strange dude that has been sitting behind me all day.

Weight loss

Booya! I lost 41 pounds!!

Booya!! After getting up to 201 pounds after shoulder surgery I have no lost 41 pounds to get down to 160!! I haven’t been this light or healthy in over 15 years! I’m so pumped up I can’t stand it!!

Cynthia Birthday

Cynthia’s Birthday at Atlantic Grill

Happy Birthday!!!!

Rocky and Snow

Rocky chasing me in the snow. And my first stab at iMovie.

Redworks Nail Salon

Redworks Nail Salon

We totally got busted playing with press on nail covers, ahahahaa

Rocky in HD

Finally stayed still

One thing you can count on is that puppies rarely stay still. I finally broke out the big boy camera instead of the iphone, and took a good picture of Rocky. Freakin adorable!

Rob Birthday

Rob’s Birthday

Today was Rob’s birthday so it seemed like a good reason to go to the Grill! We don’t really need a reason, but whatever.

Being a puppy…

Being a puppy must be so awesome, just sit around and chew on whatever you want with your razor sharp teeth.

Rocky and Beanie playing

It’s obvious they hate each other, hahahaaa


Introducing…….. Rocky!!

Today Buffy and I went to pick up our new puppy. He’s so freakin cute. Mini dachshund named Rocky. Beanie will be hard pressed to have more energy than this little guy.

Greg photo bombed

Greg – Photo bombed!

Boom sucker!! This is what happens when you use Photo Booth at work, hahahaaa


R.I.P. Simon

R. I. P. Simon – I’m not embarrassed to say this is most I’ve cried in a long time. Simon was with Buffy and me for almost 16 years and I miss him already, he was a huge part of our lives.

Redworks - Simon

Redworks support

Today my wife and I had to put our dog Simon to sleep and it was an awful day. Really awful. My Redworks co-workers sent me this photo showing their support. Buffy and I both appreciated it. Serious + Humor = Healing

Nokia Booth

Nokia Booth

Boom!! A funny photo and a free t-shirt courtesy of the Nokia booth at Atlantic Station!

Christmas Atlantic Grill

Christmas at Atlantic Grill

The last Friday before Christmas holidays and we got a ton of people to join us at Atlantic Grill!! Good times!


Finally! New iMac!

My current iMac has been on it’s last leg for awhile now so I finally broke down and bought a new one. MMMmmmmm 27″ iMac, so pretty.

Atlantic Grill Bird

Atlantic Grill Bird

I was sad I missed lunch at Atlantic Grill again, but my buddies sent me a photo so I’d feel better.

Redworks Lunch Wave

Separate Lunches

I know it’s sad but sometimes when we all go out for lunch, we don’t actually eat lunch together. But we still keep in touch via text message, hahaaaa

Ogilvy Xmas

Random Xmas Party Photo 2

Yep, another random photo

Ogilvy Xmas

Random Xmas Party Photo

Yeah, there was lots of random photo taking at the Christmas party. It happens when we drink… a lot…

Redworks Xmas

Ogilvy Christmas Party – Saying “Hi” to Cynthia

We were making sure Cynthia new we missed her!!


You looking at me?

Saw this guy sitting on a sign while we were walking the dogs. The way their heads rotate is so crazy.


Stabbed by Neptune

Ouch!! I was just biking at the harbor and then this happened. Neptune is mean!

Fat Bike

Fat tire bike

I just had to test ride this bike with these bike ass tires. It’s soo cool looking but really only good for short and easy rides.

Hilton Head Lagoon

Hilton Head Lagoon

Buffy and I got to Hilton Head for our Birthday, anniversary and ThanksGiving vacation today. After unpacking and getting settled we decided to go for a short evening bike ride. We stayed at Palmetto Dunes resort which has a really cool lagoon that weaves in and out of it.

Hilton Head Beach

Hilton Head Beach

My first time to Hilton Head and the funky beach here. I’m used to sandy beaches and this one looks like a giant sand parking lot. It’s not bad, just really different.